Standard Homes



Basic Home Maintenance Procedure

Home Maintenance includes regular, seasonal and one-time tasks. The following suggested maintenance tasks should not replace the manufacturer's recommendations. We suggest you use a licensed contractor for any task you may feel unprepared to complete.

  1. Smoke detectors - check operation by pushing test button. Check battery and replace if necessary.
  2. Check fire extinguishers for proper charge. Never buy units without a pressure gauge and keep an adequate number on hand.
  3. Clean garbage disposals by grinding ice cubes and citrus fruit rinds.
  4. Replace range hood filters when necessary.
  5. Check for leaks around toilets, under sinks and around dishwasher.
  6. Clean and freshen sinks with hot water and baking soda.
  7. Inspect furnace and air-conditioning filters, replace regularly every 30 days as suggested.
  8. Monitor and maintain floor coverings, repairing tears and removing stains as soon as possible. Regular vacuuming will reduce the wear of carpet.
  9. Check the temperature release valve on the water heater. A water heater should be drained periodically, especially in areas with hard water. Drain at least 5 gallons of water from the drain valve every six months to prevent sediment build up.
  10. Inspect roof and chimney for broken or missing tiles or shingles. Identify any area that may cause leaks or problems. Inspect gutters and down spouts. Do not walk on the roof as it is dangerous and may cause damage.
  11. Inspect doors and windows to verify proper operation, security and weather resistance. Keep tracks clean.
  12. Monitor and maintain cabinets and countertops.
  13. Inspect foundation and crawl spaces.
  14. Inspect and replace as needed caulking and grout around tubs, showers and sinks.
  15. Complete seasonal maintenance on heating and cooling by licenses HVAC contractor.